Zora Starheart is a half gold elf warlock.


Zora is rather thin, not shockingly so but it is certainly noticeable, she generally dresses rather plainly as well, if not in normal working attire then she is in a simple loose fitting green sundress, the latter of which is her current clothing. There is little to say about her appearance otherwise, she is attractive enough that no-one would dream of calling her merely average but her true beauty is in the grace of her movements combined with her features.

She works as an adventurer of sorts, mostly just on hire as backup and as a merc, often mistaken for a cleric due to her fixation on preventing injury and harm both to herself and those around her. She often requested to be payed in magical items and suchlike rather than gold, she finds such things intruiging and is determined to overcome her lack of 'real' magic in order to make her own. Before she arrived in the Inn she was performing a job on her own, a rare occasion indeed, and exploring some relatively old structures for evidence of inhabitation by unsavory creatures. This is when she first came across the seemingly innocuous door which lead her to be in the Inn itself.


Zora is timid, naturally so, and it has only been reinforced over the course of her life as she was subject to much bullying and teasing at the hands of her peers for seemingly no reason. She cares little for herself but is passionate about others and does her best to uplift them as long as she does not harbor any sort of personal vendetta.

She bonds quickly, placing her trust in people if she feels they are safe. Betraying this trust carries harsh consequences, for after she has finished grieving she will seek revenge.

She is not one for theatrics but can appreciate them if they are well timed, she is remarkably social for someone of her type but dislikes talking about herself with anyone she does not trust implicitly. She is loyal to those she considers her true friends to a ridiculous degree, though she is probably too cowardly to throw herself into a situation where death is certain in order to save one of them.

She has a sadistic streak towards anything that has caused her even moderate amounts of physical pain and retaliates with equal or excessive force.

Magic ItemsEdit

Hairclip of Intelligence +2, Potion of Sanctuary x2, Handy Haversack, Blessed Bandages x4, Everlasting Rations, Everfull Mug, Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker

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