Zanitane is a human mage.

Personality/Physical Traits: Zanitane is not your normal mage. His earliest memory is being taken off the street of the city at 4 years old. He doesn't know where he is from or who he belongs to. He was taken in by a secret clan of mages for training inside a castle of a powerful leader to fulfill his personal agenda. Zanitane was lucky. He was given his name, a place to live, food, and training. The problem was that Zanitane didn't realize he was being trained to be an assassin. Not just any normal assassin. He was being trained to become a magical assassin, with no physical weapons required. Just the mental and spiritual energies that flow through him. The clan taught him from the day he arrived until he was in his 20's. Even early on, he would undertake missions. At first, it was to cast simple harm spells upon strangers. This was like a perverted socializing of the child. He would bump into someone and touch them, to watch them faint. The clan would bring in prisoners that were sentenced to death anyway, and let Zanitane develop his powers through them as a medium. He would learn to torture, cripple in multiple ways, kill, and then re-animate the bodies of these prisoners that were to be doomed anyway. His mind is sharp, and inside the castle, it was not an absolute competition. Groups were formed and Zanitane developed friendships with other types of magical assassins. Some were elemental, others were illusionists. Somehow for Zanitane, killing his enemies and using their bodies as a horde of monsters appealed to him. The missions he was assigned to were mostly successful. He is mostly serious, but can have a humerus side. Irony is his favorite thing in to laugh about. He stands 6 feet tall and has buzz cut hair that is low. The weapon on his back is usually a mace. He hardly wears armor, but a chain shirt or something light is usually fine for him. His eyes have different colors. One is red, while the other is grey. He isn't the toughest looking guy. He sure isn't the strongest. But he sure is pretty, and that deception is enough to help him kill his mark.

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