Zan-kyri was born in Airspur, to a well-known family of Air genasi. Since his formative years he was trained to be a fighter, just like his father, who became a rather well-known adventurer in the area. His exploits had gained his family riches that he had since invested wisely, and there was a burden on Zan-kyri to "prove" himself to the rest of his lineage. At younger years he was happy to do so, as long as he was able to be near his father and learn from him. As the teen rebellion years came, Zan became spiteful and thought of failing on purpose to prove that his parents were not infallible. Those feelings ultimately faded, and Zan headed to Loudwater to make a name for himself and make his father (or himself?) proud.

Zan-kyri has similar features to a human, as most Genasi do. However, his skin is purple and features lines of silver that pulsate with power. His "hair" is actually spikes of silver crystal that tend to glow and conduct electricity when Zan calls of his storm powers. Zan can be a bit brash at this young age, but there is no denying that he possesses the instincts and reflexes of a fighter.

Magic ItemsEdit

Slippers of Swiftness (Continuous "Haste" from Trapsmith list); extra attack, costs 8000 gp Stone Gauntlets (Continuous "Fist of Stone"); Str +6 enhancement, costs 8000 gp Wraith's Ring (Continuous "Wraithstrike"); all melee attacks target Touch AC, costs 48000 gp Choker of Rest (Use-Activated "Cure Light Wounds"); 1d8+1 healing as a standard action at-will, 1800 gp Rod of Rebirth (X charges of "Embrace the Dark Chaos" and "Shun the Dark Chaos" each); reshuffle feats X times, costs (3050*X) gp Goliath Belt (Continuous "Enlarge Person") for another 4000 gp

Savitar's Boon Some say this +1 Shocking Burst <Weapon> was created personally by the god of speed. Others, that it was made by a wizard who was tired of being perpetually late. Either way, anyone holding it is granted powers of incredible speed. In addition to the obvious, the sword grants the following abilities:

Strike Like Lightning: Whenever taking the attack option, the wielder may take a -2 penalty on all attacks this round in order to make one extra attack with this weapon. At BAB +15 he may make a second extra attack, and at BAB +20 he may make a third. Endless Haste: The wielder gains a +20ft bonus to base land speed, and may move ten times his base land speed when running. Doing so never makes him tired-- he may run at top speed for days, if he so desires. Vibrations of Thunder: Three times per day as a swift action, the wielder can cause his body to vibrate at tremendous speed for one round. This functions as the Blink spell, except that there is no chance of becoming material in the middle of a solid object.

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