Wioletta Bluecloak
Basic Information
Gender Female
Race Human
Rules Information
Class Cleric of Mystra
Alignment Neutral Good

Cloistered Cleric 3/Church Inquisitor 3/Dweomerkeeper 10/Divine Oracle 4

Gets all the goodness of the Cheater of Mystra, plus evasion in heavy armor, uncanny dodge, and Inquisition domain.

Cloistered Cleric 3/Church Inqusitor 2/Dweomerkeeper 10/Spelldancer 1/Divine Oracle 4

As above, only with auto-metamagic. Feat starved a bit, though, but Spelldance is AWESOME.

Cloistered Cleric 3/Church Inquisitor 2/Dweomerkeeper 10/Contemplative 1/Divine Oracle 4

Extra domains are nice...

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