In the Cold Lands north of the Moonsea, a small mountain range runs east-west along the northern edge of the Border Forest, dividing the Tortured Land from the Ride. On the southern flanks of the White Peaks, as the snow-capped range is known locally, lies the small town of Whitehom.

The White Peaks Among the towering White Peaks, a large number of stone and frost giants make their homes. They normally hunt h obgoblins, orcs, giant eagles, oryx, musk oxen, and big

horn sheep. Occasionally even more dan gerous game takes their fancy, such as cliff dwelling hippogriffs, giant insects, and those monstrous sized mammals (including giant badgers and porcupines) that fit their stature. Normally, these giants dwell in groups of ten to twenty, but occasionally t hey gather in even greater numbers, for raiding and for Clan Moots and festivities.

Forharn is a Forest Gnome city in the White Peaks north of the Ride that encompasses a nexus point on the Trail of Mists, ( A series gate that is a string of magical portals that connect two or more destinations through a series of intermediate locales ) . The Trail of Mists is actually a series of fixed paths through the Border Ethereal. One can only step onto the Trail of Mists at certain fixed poin ts across Faerûn, known as nexus points. Whilst not formally allied with the elves of Rystall Wood, the gnomes of Forharn, never the less feel a certain kinship and gratitude for the elves help in their ancestors escape from Netheril and the elves subseque nt guardianship of the gnomes surface holdings. Many of the gnomish families in Forharn had holdings in Myth Ondath before its fall, and it was through their tunnels that many of the city’s inhabitants escaped to safety before its final destruction.

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