Vorkuta is a small duergar town located in the northern Southdark.


Vorkuta was founded in 209 DR by the duergar trader Zlerdath Vorkutan, sortly after he discovered the cavern. He quickly moved his family to the cavern, fortified it, and founded the town.

Ways in and OutEdit

There are three well maintained entrance caves spread around the town. Each is well marked and patrolled. The vorkutan clan has at least one secret passage.

Architecture and LayoutEdit

The cavern is shaped like a massive upside-down teardrop. The top is wide and round, then it gets narrow the lower it goes until it gets to a point at the bottom. Water falls constantly from the top of the cavern, and covers much of the cavern with water spray at all times and fills the lake at the bottom.

The top of the cavern is a wild mushroom forest. The town itself starts at the middle, with the Vorkutan Clan's holdings forming a ring around the whole cavern. Next come the other duegar, then visting traders, and finnaly the lower area. The lower is another mushroom forest around the edges of the lake.


1,300 duegar live here



Production and TradeEdit

Places of InterestEdit





Places of DangerEdit

Environs of VokutaEdit

Current ClackEdit

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