Virkung is a small city on the Vesturhópsvatn Rockaroid on Gladsheim on Ysgard.


Virkung is a tree city. Virkung Is a lot more like a massive pine forest then a city. he trees of the city are huge, most are around 500 feet tall and between 50 and 100 feet around. Everything is built right into the massive pine forest. Houses, shops and such are 'grown' right into and out of the trees. The streets are branches and roots that have grown interlocking together, often but not always, with packed dirt between them forming a road. Massive leaves form canopies.

Lots of different races can be found in the city streets. You see no humans or elves, however. And they all seem to be mammal-like races.

The town is bewilderingly three dimensional. With places down on the roots, around each trunk, and on the branches of each giant pine tree.

The light seems to come from no where. It is a bright as a cloudy day, as the clouds are always thick in the sky.



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