Valyss Shattercloak is a Tiefling


Valyss's appearance is both equal parts beautiful and unnerving. The fiendish blood which runs so strongly in her gives rise to a number of obviously diabolic features, yet at the same time these are balanced against a human frame in a way that almost comes across as natural. The result is that her fiendish features tend to enhance or simply alter her overall appearance, while at the same time clearly marking her as something unmistakably and unsettling inhuman.

Valyss is somewhat tall, with a slender and attractive figure. Her skin is pale, nearly ashen, the first sign of her parentage; though perhaps more obvious still is the serpentine tail. Her hair is jet black, in stark contrast to her skin tone, and hangs down to her shoulders. A pair of obsidian-like horns sprout from her temples and curve back over the crown of her head before turning back towards the front and ending in sharp points.

Her face would be considered highly attractive by most standards, with clearly defined features and an expression that is both calculating and alluring. Her eyes, however, are perhaps her most alien feature—black orbs like twin voids, with irises the color of molten bronze.


Valyss is in many ways a true fiend when it comes to her personality. She is calculating, manipulative, prideful, and cruel. She has an unswerving confidence in her abilities and her dedication to Gargauth, though at the same time she is intelligent enough to not allow this faith in herself and her god to blind her to sense and reason.

She is perhaps most human in her capacity for condescension, and her enjoyment of belittling or otherwise teasing others. And while she is by no means a nice person, she can be reasonable enough towards those she feels have earned it.

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