Urmlaspyr is a bustling, fair-sized, Sembian city south of Daerlun. Here is where the industrious nature of the Sembian people is fully shown, for the city works round the clock, primarily in its busy docks and shipyards.

As Daerlun's link to the sea, Urmlaspyr maintains a steady buzz of merchant shipping. Its citizens are nearly as industrious as the people of Saerloon, without the steady diet of murderous intrigue, and nearly as friendly as the people of Daerlun, without the somewhat convoluted allegiances that plague that city's relations with its neighbors and relatives to the north.

Urmlaspyr makes a point of open-mindedness, particularly where the divine powers are concerned. Hence the city is home to temples or shrines to deities such as Bane, Talos, and Umberlee - whose clerics would gladly raze the temples of Gond, Tymora, and Waukeen.


  • The House of Wonders (Gond)
  • Stormhaven House (Talos)
  • The Hall of Luck (Tymora)
  • Darkwave Hall (Umberlee)
  • Goldhall of the Sacraments (Waukeen)


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