The City of Union is not so much as a plane as a series of linked demi-planes that provide services to groups of individuals and adventuring parties.

Authority FiguresEdit

Mercane Union Council; Revenia [LN female 7 HD mercane paragon, wizard 17 (chief councilor of the Mercane Union Council)]; Dilella [LG female human, paladin 16 (supreme commander of the Union Sentinels)]; and Johiaz Towers [NG male dwarf, fighter 13 (captain commander of the Union Sentinels)]

Important CharactersEdit

Chindra [N female 6 HD janni, rogue 6 (owner of the club known as Chindra's Palace of Delights)]; Grigg [N male half-orc, rogue 13 (a Union Sentinels captain]; Hesmeth Schade [NG male human, wizard 5/expert 10 (director of the Planar Cartographic Society)]; Kharlin [LE male 10 HD efreeti, rogue 7/expert 3 (owner of the bazaar known as Kharlin's Outland Imports)]; Khymez Ta'rol [CG male 7 HD mercane, bard 7/wizard 7 (founder of the Planar Cartographic Society)]; Laslie Fedrow [NE female human, rogue 7/assassin 5 (owner of the Market Street Book Shop)]; Madwind [CN male 15 HD death slaad, wizard 10/loremaster 6]; Master Od [LN male 7 HD mercane, monk 12 (master of the Temple of the Shadestar Calm)]; Ponsas Gnerl [CE half-orc, cleric 16 (Talona) (a cleric residing as The Broken Blade, pretends to be a simple traveler)]; Prentice [LN male 7 HD mercane, wizard 8 (a curio dealer in the Market Quarter)]; Severin Molnar Daggerblack [NE male dwarf, fighter 8/rogue 5/assassin 5 (field house sub-guildmaster for the Garrote)]; Sfels the Gatherer [NG male gnome, wizard 11 (member of the Order of the Book)]; and Suplindh [N male 6 HD gargoyle half-fiend, sorcerer 8 (a magic broker in the Magic Quarter)].

Other CharactersEdit

Balzam [LN male dwarf, fighter 7] and Gowdle [LN female dwarf, fighter 8]; Beldwin Firval [N male halfling, rogue 17]; Creeh [NG female half-elf, rogue 8]; Gedwin [NG male human, fighter 6/expert 2 (a fish dealer located on Wizard's Way)]; Dedrig Forl [NE male gnome, commoner 5 (owner of the inn and taproom known as The Broken Blade)]; Jolin Thargas [LN female human, aristocrat 5]; Mael [CG female human, expert 9 (owner of the eatery known as Mael's Pastries and Pints)]; Octavian Fedrow [LE male human, rogue 6/assassin 4]; Oslahn Turvae [NE male human, fighter 5/rogue 5) (a regular at Chindra's Palace of Delights)]; Prentice's Thirteen [LN female 7 HD mercane, wizard 5 to wizard 7 (the thirteen daughters of Prentice)]; Romana [LG female human, ex-paladin 7]; Stephanos [CG male human, expert 6 (owner of Port in the Sky)]; Sturra Blackhoof [CG female elf, ranger 13]; and the Jade Pair -- Therel [LG male human, wizard 3] and Brin [LG male human, fighter 3]. Organizations: The Garrote (assassins' guild), the Gleaners (arcanist guild), the Godkissed (secret society), Order of the Book (arcanist guild), Order of the Shield (mercenary company), Order of the Shadestar Calm (monk brotherhood), Planar Cartographic Society (craft guild); the Regulators (secret society), and the Union Sentinels. Noble Houses: Fedrow, Pylos, Schade, Ta'rol, and Thargas.

Commerce QuarterEdit


   Hammer & Forge
   Mael’s Pastries and Pints
   Planer Cartographic Society
   The Hanged Man

Elysium FieldsEdit

   The Kings Rest

Guild QuarterEdit

   Masters Hold
   Temple of the Twilight Calm

High QuarterEdit

   Argyle’s Steel
   Fresh Market
   High Street Market
   Lugi’s Loafs
   Mario’s Meats and More
   Stag & Toade Ale House

Magic Quarter

   Belvins Books and More
   Devlins Quiros
   Gobbo Market
   Market Street Book Shop
   Stag & Toade Ale House

Market Quarter

   Beowolfs Blades
   Cordelias Closet
   Gedwin’s Fresh Fish
   Groust Ales and Wines
   Smiths Smithy
   Troll Market
   Viol Musical Instruments

Military Quarter

   Green Knight
   Last Chance
   Last Rest (Inn)
   Taps (Tavern)
   The Crypt (Tavern)
   The Post
   The Rows

Perfumed Quarter

   Bronze Owl
   Buggard Bugbear
   Chindra’s Palace of Delights
   Defiled Diva
   Momma Zee’s
   Night Owls
   Shield Brothersr
   Tattered Tartan
   The Sisterhood
   Twin Peaks
   White Chapel

Tavern Quarter

   Crossroads Inn
   Flame Pit Meats
   La Grange Smokehouse
   Red Bull
   The Broken Blade
   The Broken Crown
   The Cock and Robin
   The Gold Monkey
   The Hammered ’hore
   The Jolly Roger
   The Red Robin
   The World Serpent Inn

Temple Quarter

   The Black Gate
   The Black Pyramid
   The Temple of Darkness
   The Temple of Death
   The Temple of Light
   The Temple of The Silver Flame

The ParkEdit

   The Grove of the High Druid Mosswood

The Pastures

   Argus Meats
   Hollybrooke Farms
   Hudson Farms
   Red Fish – Blue Fish
   Ryson Foods

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