Ukobach is a Tanar'ri Incubus active on Toril.

Physical DescriptionEdit

In his natural form Ukobach is a very slim featureless humanoid. However, with his polymorph ability he can appear as any humanoid.


Ukobach is a evil individual. He enjoys using people.


In - 170 MT Ukobach was summoned from the Abyss by a cabal of wizards at the Fortress of Zellerack. The fortress fell in battle in - 166 MT and left Ukobach imprisoned there for centuries.

  • In 1317 MT Ukobach was set free by the kenku adventurer Chirp.
  • On September 19th 1317 Ukobach created the first Uk-Mox.





Ukobach is a coward and does not like to be in a fair fight. He will use his charm ability to charm everyone he meets, to not attack him.

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