Tulla lightouch is a halfling rogue

She is a female halfling with black hair cropped fairly short (she is growing it out currently, but may change her mind if it gets in her way again...another story that she can't quite seem to remember for some reason right now).

She tends to be cautious and likes to pay attention to people and how they act before she does anything, however if the need arises she will make a hasty action and hope that no harm comes because of it. While obviously a rogue, she tends more towards the adventuring side of the thief vs. the more seedier group. She is not averse to using those skills if there is a good reason, but wealth is not her goal when she decides to go that route.

When in combat, she has tended to put herself in harms way more than she likes and is attempting to remedy that problem. However, if push comes to shove she will still risk it to save a friend or to take a chance that she can finish the fight quickly.

She believes in the power of luck, but it is measured luck...i.e. it can run out and it's best to be cautious instead of headlong rushing into every problem. She does believe in personal freedom and will give others a 2nd or even 3rd chance, but wants things to turn out for the common good of all (i.e. CG).

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