Thorfinns childhood got off to a bad start. Born on the Island of Ruathyn he was offered as a sacrifice to Auriel. When just a babe Auriel priests placed him on a raft and launched him into the Trackless sea. At that time the weather was calm but strong currents carried the raft south towards the westside of the Moonshae Isles. He drifted for several days until the raft reached the shores of the Island of Moray. Washed up on a pebble beach he was rescued by fishermen and raised in the presence of Northlanders. In his early years he worked the boat with his adopted family learning all there was to know about the sea. He became interested in the Navy and when he turned sixteen his request to join was granted by his family. During his late teens he honed his sea fairing skills and began learning the art of swordplay. He became adept with the axe but his strength gave him the ability to swing a large sword with ease, an ability not lost on the marauding pirates and thieves. The large sword became his weapon of choice. After five years Thorfinn decided to leave the Navy and travel. He worked as a mercenary and sword for hire protecting Merchants as they travelled their caravan routes. Eventually, Thorfinn's travels brought him to the Sword coast and into the city of Baldurs Gate.

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