Thelonius Mirmulnir is a human male cleric of Tempus

In he was captured by slavers in the Inner Sea and sent to Thay as a slave. He was bought and sent to the Scarlet Pit Arena. There he met the young man Alton Maggot who he brought into the faith of Tempus. Thelonius was then killed in a fight with a dire tiger.

Thelonius's Scroll of WisdomEdit

A follower of Tempus is a soldier and is always looking for a fight. Now this does not mean a true follower starts fights at a whim, but more they look for a fight to join. To truly live and experience the divinity of Tempus one must fight. It does not matter if it is a duel, small group, battle or all out war. A fight is a fight.

A follower of Tempus is a warrior of honor, but it is a personal honor. Tempus does not care about what others say about honor. The only honor that matters is your own personal view, and that of Tempus himself.

All is fair in war and battle. To a point. Trickery, deception and misdirection is all part of combat and battles. Though a follower would never take unfair advantage, needlessly overpower a lesser foe, or outright cheat.

A follower of Tempus does not care why they fight. Fighting is a holy duty and pleasure. Good and Evil. Law and Chaos. Right and Wrong. None of it matters. The fight is the fight.

A follower of Tempus is not cruel or callous or needlessly bloody. At least not more then the basic amount that comes with any fight, combat or battle. A follower would not attack an innocent or non-combatant or one that was helpless or unable to retaliate, as that would not be a fight.

A follower of Tempus need not follow any rule or law or order, other then the dictates of Tempus, from anyone, if they do not choose to do so. Even so, you are expected to obey the law and order of whatever society you choose to live in. This is even more true when your a soldier in a combat unit. If you agree to join a combat unit, you must follow that units chain of command. An army is not a random collection of people, it is a united whole that is greater then the sum of it's parts.

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