Vigilant Master Erssler Thamm leads the hearty and steadfast worshipers at the city’s major temple to Helm. Silverymoon is one of the few places in the Realms that Helm’s worship did not suffer after the Time of Troubles. Most of the Knights in Silver and some of the Spellguard are ardent worshipers of Helm, believing that devotion to their duty as protectors of the city allow it to survive. Over the past ten years, this temple has grown in the number of faithful attendants, as it welcomes Helm’s worshipers without judgment. Unlike other temples, the House Invincible has no lofty spires or delicate ornamentation. At first glance, it appears as a fortified garrison or stone keep, and it has served as such for troops during times the city walls have been breached.

In fact, the House Invincible has done the city and her Lady a great service. Before a request was even made, Master Erssler opened up a number of offices, quarters, and the lesser chapel as an assembly hall to Methrammar Aerasumé, the Shining Guard. Methrammar needs the space within the House Invincible as a temporary headquarters and recruiting post for the newly forming army of their fledgling country. Alustriel and her son are both grateful for the ready aid of the Brothers of Helm, and are glad their new country has some divine backing from the Protector.

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