Thalla Graystone is a Duergar fighter.


Typically, Thalla wears a dark grey cloak, stained with her travels. The hood is usually pulled up to hide her face, since most over-dwellers think with their sword first. Under her cloak, she wears a skin-tight shirt with a vest and form-fitting pants. With her dusky skin and shocking white hair, one could almost mistake her for a drow. Well, if one were blind and had never seen a drow or a dwarf. Her stature and build mark her as dwarvish in ancestry, even hidden beneath a cloak. She usually carries a long walking stick in the shape of a quarterstaff, but underneath her cloak she carries two weapons - on one hip is a kama of cold iron; on the other a shortsword.


Thalla only sees people in terms of their usefulness, a common perspective from one of the duergar. While she is struggling to figure out her new life, it is hard to forgot decades of life in the Darklands. She tends to be brusque at best, and harsh at her worst, but it is not a personal indictment of any companions. It is either her inability to communicate her message effectively ... or it's their lack of value to her needs.

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