Teva Brightblade (Tevaga of the Red Hills) is a female, half-orc paladin of Torm.


Grey skin, dyed her hair blue, Blue tattoos on face, arms and back. Flesh from the waist down is black and heavily scarred from burning. Wears silver armour with white and gold symbols upon it.


Abrupt and rude, tends to resort to intimidation when suspicious. Otherwise tries to avoid social interaction, but is willing to do what she is told by someone she respects


Power Attack


Sir Ralon, LG Human Magus/Paladin. Former hellknight, inspired Teva to become a paladin

Horx Whitescars, TN Half-Orc Barbarian. The only other survivor of Teva’s tribe, dedicated his life to destroying all demon worshipping mages

Carx’is Valaron, LN Half-Dragon Cavalier. Assisted Teva with the hunt for the second mad mage and kept her alive after being nearly incinerated.


Former bandit, raised as part of a tribe of marauding half-orcs that had a high body count. Witnessed a mad wizard annihilate her tribe with hellfire and turned paladin after Sir Ralon saved her and killed the wizard. Reinvented herself by dying her hair blue and getting blue tattoos of Torm on his wrym on her left arm, of Tyr in his armour on her back, of Illmater enduring a whipping on her right arm and tattoos of falchions on both of her cheeks.

Slowly gained acceptance in the city of Alesra, but faced difficulty due to her brusque demeanour and brutish appearance. Gained full acceptance after tangling with the mad wizard’s brother, who left her heavily scarred from the waist down.

Goals:Discover if anyone she knew survived the destruction of Alderdan. If they did, find them and help them. Discover why she keeps running into mad wizards with a penchant for fire. Secrets: Ralon is a planar traveller and Teva’s true goal is to meet up with him. Ralon is a former hellknight and the mad wizards are a result of his former colleagues seeking revenge on him and anyone associated with him

Mannerisms and Memories: Rubs her tattoos when feeling unsure, hides her burn scars as much as possible. Remembers the smell of smoke as flesh burns and the screams of agony that went with it