Telardon, the City of Emerald Spires

Telardon was constructed on the western edge of the Silverwood, overlooking the Evermoors, in the days when those regions were part of the High Forest. The City of Emerald Spires was well known in Siluvanede and beyond for the unusual magical artifacts created by its wizards.

During the Seven Citadels' War, the combined might of Eaerlann and Sharrven reduced Telardon to rubble. In their haste to level the city however, the Eaerlanni overlooked dozens of underground chambers and libraries in which a few rebellious sun elves had been practicing their fiendish arts.

Now only a few crumbling piles of green stone mark the spot where the great emerald towers of Siluvanede once stood, but hundreds of sun elf magic items remain buried beneath the ground. Centuries of disuse have caused the magic of these ancient artifacts to decay, and their mingled energies have become a corrupting force that transforms animals, humanoids, and even fey in the area into plantlike monsters known as greenbound creatures. Dozens of troll that have succumbed to this greenbinding effect now dwell within Teladorn's ruins.

Mages of NoteEdit

Shilshreesantorro Circle of Sorcere

rs & Witches, Cartenvraen High Magic Circle, Court magi of the Arcorselutaar, Spell Singers of the Glenn

Temples of NoteEdit

The Grand Cathedral of

Kirith Sotheril-The Magessa and her consort, Tethrin Veralde, Master of Blades

Organisations of NoteEdit

Tyrriltass Blades of Arcane Majesty, Independent Order of

Duskblades Loyal only to the Arcorselutaar and the orders’ Grandmage.

Greenbound CreatureEdit

In the crumbling Siluvanedenn ruins of Telardon, powerful and ancient magical energies sweep from an unknown number of buried arcane treasures. These energies transform hapless creatures nearby into plantlike beings of great strength.

A greenbound creature looks much like it did before transformation, although certain changes are apparent. The creature's flesh has been replaced by pulpy wood and thickly corded creepers, and tiny branches stick out from its torso, arms, and legs. Any feathers, hair, or fur it once had have been replaced by some combination of green vines, moss, flowers and leaves.

Greenbound creatures speak any languages they knew before transformation, although their voices are now deep and gravelly.

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