1. Honor, care and protect mother nature and all her creatures and domains first and foremost as this is an Elf Ranger's essence, home and life force. 2. Help and protect those in need and less fortunate to the best of my abilities and means. Material gain or reward is the result of such acts, not the reason for

doing it. 3. Being an archer , my bow is my life, my essence. It is how I protect myself and others and survive. It is an extension of my self, spirit, and nature and who I am.

I will always care, protect and keep safe my bow, as without it , I am just ordinary. I am nothing .


1. At the onset of any confrontation, conflict or danger to me and those I serve, my bow will always be ready for use in my favored left hand with arrow nocked. 2. All good natured abused, neglected and mistreated animals will be championed for and the problem addressed with action taken if needed. Torture and abuse

will not set well with Talthanis. Hunting for is fine as this is the cycles of life and we all must eat to live. 3. Always loot any corpses and chests and or containers I come across for monies, gems, equipment and other valuables.

What Talthanis yearns for...

That perfect, untouched and spoiled spot of the forest that he can call his own. A glade with lush green grass and perhaps a natural spring or pool with a waterfall

where he can live out his days in meditation, harmony with nature and live off the land. Perhaps even with the right female Elf at his side..

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