Spectator is an extraplanar form of beholderkin with four eyestalks. Somewhat mild and even-tempered, they have even been known to form friendships with other creatures, a trait that no other beholderkin or true beholder ever displays.

Abilities Edit

The four eyestalks of a spectator can cause effects like the spells fatigue, inflict moderate wounds, hold monster, and suggestion. Even more dangerous, the gaze of its central eye acts as the spell spell turning.


Ronassic made a common mistake in assuming the spectator is related to the beholders. Flaws in the theory can be found by comparing the common beholder traits with the spectator. For one, spectators exhibit a long life span compared other beholder-kin. Lifespans of a millennium are not uncommon. Also numerous biological functions differ in the spectator. Levitation, for example, is controlled by the levator magnus not tiusium gas. This causes them to continue levitating when asleep unlike other eye tyrants. The reproductive method of the spectator remains a mystery and is certainly not the same as beholders as no reproduction glands can be found. The differences are not simply physical though.

Ronassic did note that spectators did not exhibit the paranoia of other beholders. Apparently he did not concentrate efforts on the spectator or he would have learned more difference in the psychology of the two beasts. Large groups of over 1,000 spectators have been known to congregate in Mechanus. These groups have no apparent leader and show no concern over the breeds of others. Although no conclusive evidence has been discovered concerning their religion most scholars do not believe it is the Great Mother or Gzemnid. I suggest those seeking information on the spectator consult Curiosities of Other Worlds,

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