Created by the Witch-King Zhengyi to serve as a buffer zone between the Damaran states, Soravia contains "the soutnern section of the wide valleys between the three rivers. All lands west of Brandiar, and north of Morov and Polten" - meaning an area roughly half of Damara. While this sounds impressive, this land is mostly grassland and barren tundra, barely capable of supporting the 12,000 frontiersmen who live there. Despite this, it occupies a key location in Damara, offering control over the majority of Damaran waterways, the possessing the entirety of Damara's border with the Narlands. Soravia has no current ruler, but a man named Olwen Forest-friend is presently making exceptional progress clearing out the remnants of Zhengyi's armies of orcs, undead, and brigands. As a staunch supporter of Dragonsbane, Olwen's appointment would go a long way in securing Gareth's rule over Damara. Capital: Kinbrace (pop. 4,500)

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