Geographical information
Aliases City of Pools
Sacred Pool of the Sea Mother
Type Underdark city-state
Size City
Capital None
Area Middledark, Old Shanatar, Firedrake Bay, Tethyr
Societal information
Languages Undercommon
Races Free:
Template:Percentage tableSlaves:
Template:Percentage table
Religion Blibdoolpoolp
Population 8,000 Kuo-toa
2,500 slaves
500 others in 1372 DR
12,000 in 1479 DR
Political information
Government theocracy
Ruler's type priest-king
Ruler Dagagoorg
Cephalopolop (secret ruler)

Sloopdilmonpolop was a minor Underdark city of the Kuo-toa.

The city was home to the Sacred Pool of the Sea Mother, a square, subterranean lake occupying a cavern nearly 1,000 feet long and wide. It was dedicated to the worship of Blibdoolpoolp. Va-Poolgol Dagagoorg served both as king of Sloopdilmonpolop and high priest of the Sacred Pool of the Sea Mother.Template:Fact


c. -3000 DR — Sloopdilmonpolop is founded by Sloopdilmonpol, a great kuo-toa prophet, as a temple-cityin the Underdark off the coast of Tethyr.

Eventually the temple grew into a theocratic city-state, with priest-king rulers.

After an increasing number of expansionist raids by the city's denizens, the dwarves of Sondarr and Xothaerin dispatched scouts who eventually discovered the City of Pools. This touched off a centuries-long war of mutual extinction, known as the Axe and Fin Wars. The city was never taken, but the long conflict ushered in a period of decline from which the city has never recovered. The only benefit to this has been the city's emergence as a mercantile hub. Compared to most Underdark cities, Sloopdilmonpolop was actually somewhat welcoming to merchants and travelers. Ithilids are not welcome.

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