for the past 75 years he has been living in Athakla in Amn. He has spent his whole life trying to find the perfect combination of technology and magic. He feels that this could result in the ultimate tinker creation. He has of yet been able to do so. He has shied away from the normal way of the tinker gnome in search of a greater understanding of magic. His creations so far have resulted in limited success. One of his earliest creations he created when he was a boy was one named 'The Automatic (Systematic) Articulated Mop and Spring-Loaded Broom-Driven Pie Tin Flier and Egg Dropper" (or ASAMSLBPTFED for short). It would send eggs flying at very high speeds. But it had no real purpose. One of Skeezer's greatest desires in all of Faerun is to see the beautiful SkyShips. He has heard a great many tales of such ships and wishes nothing than to see the SkyShips that are being presented in Baldur's Gate.