She was born, as most Wayang are, in a remote village. In this case, the village was in a jungle which suffered from all the usual maladies common to those areas. The only child her parents ever had, Simmalis always had strong ties to her mother and father. They felt blessed for her to be born healthy, as they had had trouble for years attempting to have a child. As a young girl, a particularly dangerous strain of a jungle fever infected several of the villagers. Before long, the fever spread- many villagers died, just when she was beginning formal training as a wizard. Fortunately, her parents were sturdier than most, and weathered the infections- though her mother and many others who were ill and survived lost their sight. Many of her friends and her friends' families were not so lucky. While as a society they view death differently than most, it was still difficult for so many of her friends to be gone. She vowed to never let unexpected circumstances destroy those she cared about, and has focused her studies in the area of divination, specifically foresight- at the cost of lessened understanding of both evocation and enchantment.


Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll(B), alertness(B)

spell school-Diviner, Opposition: Evocation, Enchantment

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