Tree City and surrounding communities , Population: 34500 Circa – 10500 DR (Moon Elves 20%, Green Elves 4 5%, Sun Elves 5%, Dark Elves 15%, Ghost Elves 10%, Humans 3%, centaurs 2% ) Who Rules

The current Laranlor/Laranlas & council of advisors Major Products

Horticultural products, fine weapons, armour, jewellery, wooden products & furniture, leather goods, horses. Armed Forces

Royal Pathfinders; 200 Rangers/Bards/Thieves on foot or mounted on horseback in leather armour (or mithral shirts), elf cloak & boots, longsword or shortsword, long or short bow, dagger. Light Mounted Infantry; 1500 riders on horseback elf chainmail, light shields, spear, longsword, shortbow, dagger.

A rchers; 2500 Foot soldiers in studded leather armour, longbow, longsword, dagger, spear or axe. Light Infantry; 8500 Leather Armour, Longshield, Longsword, Shortsword, Dagger, Javelin. Notable Mages

Circle of Blue Leaves, Circle of The Undying Star, The Guild of Planarmancers (planar travellers & astronomers) Notable Churches

Temples to Rillifane, Solonor, Titania & Oberon, Angharad, Shrines to other Seldarine. Temples to the Centaur Gods, and a nature Temple to Chauntea, Eldath, Silvanus and Mielikki. Important Features

The centre of the city revolves around a granite and th eu r - crystal citadel called T he Sharandar. Its walls are studded with semi precious stones that power its prismatic and scintillating defences. The Elven smiths and jewellers here were considered the best in the realm. The magic items and weapons manufactured within the city were as fine as any ever made by elves. Bt perhaps their greatest works were those of the everyday kind turned into works of art. The crystal smiths of Shar andar are famous for their fantastic ally sculpted theur glass furniture , and other things of beauty.

Local Lore

The tree city of Sharandar was left to return to nature, but the mythal that prote cts it from fire and rot, also gave sentience to the trees that surround it, so that now the entire forest within 3 miles of the citadel is one gigantic sentient being with each tree and plant magically connected forming a godlike consciousness that recognises only the Green Elves as the rightful masters of The S harandar. What this means for visitors is anyone’s guess, but the reception from Obliviax moss, hangman trees, bad tempered Elder Treants, blood sucking brambles and the like is not likely to be pleasant unless one is a druid or a Green Elf who understand the ancient language of the trees.

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