Selena Trimaine
Basic Information
Gender Female
Race Human
Rules Information
Class Beguiler


Spell Focus Enchantment, Unsettling Enchantment, Metamagic School Focus (Enchantment)


So she was born on the streets and was a petty thief, a runner, one time burglar, pick pocket, until she was about 10, then she is enticed towards 'other work', which she refuses in favour of bettering herself. This is where she tries to find a means of supporting herself. She steals a bit more to start herself off, and goes through a few little jobs, working market stalls etc until she meets an alcoholic arcanist named Stefan, who she tempts into teaching her the very basics of magic. She is then around 16. The next few years involve her establishing a bit of money and then she sets up her brothel, using her wits and magic to keep it afloat.

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