Secomber rests on the northwestern bank of the confluence of the Unicorn Run and the Delimbiyr River. Secomber stands on three hills atop the western fringes of a once mighty city that was, if legends are true, the proud capital of the human realm of Athalantar, Kindgdom of the Stag. Folk digging cellars turn up old cobbles and stone walls. Freed gargoyles are a recurring problem, but sometimes magic treasure is unearthed.

Secomber is a peaceful, boring village of fisherfolk, farmers, stone cutters, guides, and guards for frequent caravan traffic travelling west to Zundbridge and Ironford. Farmer holdings fan out northwest of the village and the fisherfolk eke out a living spearing and netting fish and freshwater crabs from skiffs. The stonecutters manage a living quarrying pink granite from the cliffs marking the High Moor's northern edge. The town is very similar to the way Daggerford was a few years ago in design and lifestyle, but it is farther away from the main trade routes and is less important commercially. It does not have major resident nobility, though a few barons have holdings in the region.

Roughly half of the Secomberites are human; almost as many are halflings whose low, garden-adorned homes make the hills of the village seem more a terraced estate than a settlement. The remainder are dwarves from the Ironeater Clanand a scattering of gnomes and moon elves. It has a garrison of 30 soldiers provided by the Lords' Alliance dwelling in a small palisaded fort atop a hill and train 100 or so locals in swordwork and rudimentary tactics. Many of the swingswords hire as caravan guards.

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