This small bag appears normal and empty. However, any creature reaching into the bag feels a small ball. Touching this ball causes a peculiar tickling sensation, much like thousands of tiny pinpricks, across their appendage. If the creature grasps and removes the ball, and the ball is tossed up to 30 feet away, it turns into a swarm. The summoner has no control over its target or direction of travel. If no living creatures are within the area of the swarm, it attacks or pursues the nearest creature as best it can. The swarm persists for 10 minutes (or until dispersed or slain), at which point it disappears.

Vermin produced are always random, and only one swarm may exist at a time. Up to ten swarms can be drawn from the bag each week. Use the following table to determine the type of swarm.

Faint conjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, summon swarm; Price 900 gp.

d% Animal 1-15 Wasps 16-30 Centipedes 31-70 Spiders 71-85 Locusts 86-100 Scorpions

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