Rumden is a very small halfling with dusty brown hair and sharp green eyes. On his right palm there is what appears to be a tattoo of the constellation "The Unicorn".

Rumden almost always wears his leather armor He has a serious nature and believes that protecting the wild is of the up most importance. After loosing his best friend, Zan the wolf, in the attack on Loudwater in a massive explosion, he has found a new companion Wrex the wolf, who he rides around on with great joy.

Abilities: Strength - 8, Dex - 16, Con - 10, Int - 14, Wis - 18, Char - 10

Fortitude: 6, Reflex: 6, Willpower: 10 (+2 vs fear) Initiative Modifier: +3 Speed: 20 Base Attack: (+6/+1 melee, +9/+1 ranged, +1 thrown weapons or slings) (Sling +10/+5, 1d4) Skills: Agility - 10, Diplomacy - 10, Heal - 10, Nature - 16, Notice - 18, Religion - 14, Stamina - 12 Feats: Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augmented Summoning, Natural Spell, Track Other Special: Woodland Stride, Wild Empathy, Nature Sense, Trackless Step, Resiste Nature's Lure, Wild Shape 3/day, Wild Shape/Large, Venom Immunity, The Unicorn Tattoo - +10ft increased movement for 1d4 rounds, +2 luck bonus to AC for one round Items: Leather Armor, Sling, Civic Badge of Honor from the City of Loudwater

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