Rolan was born to two very powerful wizards. He spent all his days with his nose in the books trying to learn how to cast spells just like his mother and father. Sadly Rolan didn't take to the wizard life as well as his parents did, and he was far from what some would call a prodigy like everybody expected. One night, while the rest of his village slept Rolan grabbed his spellbook and left for the outskirts. As he ran past the outter gate Rolan heard a familiar voice coming from a tree ahead of him. In a cloud of smoke his father appeared and smiled at his son, "No great wizard was ever made by just studying books. Now, go seek out the Wizard's of the White Lotus", he told his son as he tossed Rolan a wooden orb, "they may be able to help you discover the power that dwells deep within you". With those words Rolan's father opened his arms for a hug before he let his son leave the village and explore the world for the first time.

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