These scepters are rare, consuming considerable resources in their construction but are desired by any military commander who seeks to become a conqueror. The sceptre is made of the hardest material available then gilded and decorated with enamels, marked with symbols of rule and conquest.

The sceptre is just a fancy decorative accessory until the bearer inflicts a military defeat on another group, then its powers become active. Up to three times a day, it may impose a geas on one of the defeated people, there is no save.

If the sceptre is not used for a day, it may be used to impose a geas on up to one thousand defeated people at once but doing so prevents the sceptre from laying any further geasa for a month.

The geas may be broken if the bearer of the sceptre loses a war, losing a battle is not sufficient, all of the geasa placed by the sceptre are swept away. The bearer of the sceptre usually does not survive such.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 17th Slot none; Price 150,000; Weight 2 lbs Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, geas, mass suggestion, limited wish, creator must know the empower spell metamagic feat; Cost 75,000

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