The ruins of Procalith, founded in the Year of Distant Thunder (16 DR), lie at the foot of the Delphin Mountains, overlooking the Dolphingulf. In its heyday, Procalith was ruled by a succession of kings, many of whom were installed by the Shoon Imperium or the Tashalar's ruling oligarchs. It was destroyed by a sorcery-driven storm during the Rage of Wizards in the Year of the Sword's Oath (1142 DR).

Some explorers come to the ruins in search of the Seer of Procalith, a mysterious sage-diviner with a nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of Mhairshaulk, Serpentes, and the history and magic of the serpentfolk. Treasure seekers are lured by tales of the Rod of Auglad, a unique Netherese scepter thought to have been hidden in the city by Nasana Melnuthquel, who was Magister from 293 DR to 297 DR, and also Auglad's lover. Whether or not the Rod exists, Procalith's ruins still contain a fair amount of treasure, as well as a large number of outlaws who have claimed portions of the ruins for their own.

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