Barony of Polten
Geographical information
Capital Trailsend
Area Damara
Societal information
Races Humans
Population 14,000
Political information
Ruler Donlevy the Young

The Barony of Polten is a county of Damara ruled by house BelMaris. Polten lies to the east of Icelace River and inlcudes the settlements Daleport, Tellerth, Withermeet and the capital Trailsend.

Donlevy 'the Young' BelMaris, Baron of Polten: Situated in the fertile south of Damara, Polten makes up the last stretch of the Damaran-Impilturan border. Like Ostel, trade has made this barony rich, as caravans heading south into Impiltur usually stop over here. The current Baron is the last living scion of House BelMaris, spared from the assassination of the rest of his House by Zhengyi only because he was out of the region at the time. After the wave of assassinations, the Witch-King put in an imposter, Zorth, who ruled with an iron fist. At Donlevy's return, Zorth stepped aside - but remained behind to serve as Donlevy's advisor and steward. As did many of Zorth's compatriots. Donlevy isn't aware of the danger Zorth poses, but it's widely believed that if his steward's ambitions were revealed, he would immediately cast his lot in with King Gareth - until then, he remains blissfully unaware of this serious threat to his life and rule. Capital: Trail's End (pop. 8,000)

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