The eastern portion of the city is the Palace District. Separated from the rest of the city by the Market, the Palace District is, along with the New City, the place for the rich and noble. The sights that greet a visitor to this splendid area are worth seeing, to be sure. Finely dressed nobility seeking to out-do one another in gentility, wit and fashion, powerful mages and respected priests walking side-by-side, or the Shining Host or Knights in Silver riding by, reassuring their charges of their vigilance and protection.

Upon the hill that dominates the Palace District, and thus, all of Silverymoon, sits the High Palace, which sets the standard for all the architecture in the area. Sweeping archways, intricate sculpture and glittering white stonework abound. Illuminating residences with continual flame spells has become all the fashion, following fast on the heels of the leaded, stained glass windows that seem to be everywhere these days. The Palace District is home to the temples of the city, lending a reverent air to the sometimes overwhelmingly decadence that nobles tend to bring.

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