Magical beast

Magical beast


Darkvision, Low-light vision


temperate forests

Challenge Rating


An owlbear is a large magical beast that looks like a cross between an owl and a bear.

Physical descriptionEdit

Owlbears are monstrous beasts with the bodies of bears covered in thick fur and feathers. Their heads are like those of owls.


These creatures are incredibly aggressive, going so far as to slay any living creature they see. This territorial attitude causes many folks who live with nature to purposefully hunt owlbears before they have a chance to destroy the local wildlife.



The owlbears of the Starwood area of the Cormanthor forest quickly ate through their food supply of wolves, rabbits and serpents. Their population began to decrease as food became scarce, although they came across a supply of harvester termites and found that they were edible. They quickly found that they could maintain their own termite colonies by managing their wood supplies, and therefore effectively grow their own food.

As a side effect of this practice, horses are drawn to the scent of the termite shells mixed with owlbear saliva, and the owlbears have taken to hiding and waiting for horses to arrive, before pushing them into a termite pit and then devouring them. Pyrolisks are also drawn to the scent, but owlbears will abandon a pit if a pyrolisk turns up, rather than risk being incinerated.

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