Another fertile southern Damaran province, Ostel shares a border with Impiltur. While geographically small, Ostel used to be the most populous province of Damara (before Morov absorbed Heliogabalus with Zhengyi's blessing). The barony commands a key position on the King's Road, and on Damara's waterway, making it the first stop for almost all goods coming into Damara from the west. Historically ruled by the extinct House Praka (like in Brandiar, Zhengyi is to blame), the current Baroness was the personal appointment of the Witch-King, and is deeply hated for it. For this reason, despite the fact that Ostel alone could raise an army large enough to crush Gareth's forces, any army coming from this region would have to be press-ganged into service. Sylvia rules extremely tentatively, using powerful charm spells (she's a 14th level sorceress) to keep important locals under her thumb, and allying herself openly with Dimian Ree. As the locals are loyal to the Bloodstone Throne they'll continue to put up with Sylvia until it's absolutely certain Dimian has no claim to it. Capital: Praka (pop. 11,000)

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