Lower Northdark Beneath the Sword Mountains on the western edge of the northdark lies the vault of Nuur Throth. This place is one of the most powerful earth nodes known to exist. At the heart of this cavern is a twisted, spear like crag or outcropping of dense iron ore that constitues a (class 6) earth node. Nuur Throth is linked to six similar nodes that extend in a rough line from Icewind Dale down to the Kryptgarden Forest. They are all at a consistent depth of 12 miles and relatively accessible from several middledark sites, notably the duergar deepkingdom. The other nodes range in strength from class 2 to class 5. A spellcaster that uses the node door spell can transport to any of these linked earth nodes, even if he has never visited the destination before. The cavern of Nuur Throth is a strange place. Curtains of wizard fire dance constantly in the upper reaches, and circular groves of sussur trees surround weird, pockmarked stones that cover deep, black wells. Something terrible was once imprisoned here, but no one knows for sure what it might have been -- or whether it is even gone.

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