New City, lying south of the River Rauvin and across the Moonbridge, resembles the Palace District in many ways. It is beautifully wrought, with tall spires and sweeping white stonework. However, it seems somehow less frivolous. Most agree that this is because New City is seen as a “scholar’s district,” an outlook bolstered as it is by the presence of the newly opened University of Silverymoon as well as the Vault of Sages.

New City is indeed as elegant as the Palace District, but the folk of New City – who tend to be either scholars or those that cater to scholars – come across as serious and dedicated. Those who visit here from the bustle of the Hunter’s District or from the exuberance of the Palace Quarter tend to feel that New City is a calmer, more restrained place. The tranquility of Mielikki’s Glade, a grove of trees holy to Mielikki and Lurue, the patronesses of Silverymoon, no doubt greatly contributes to this. Silverymoon

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