These items are rare, only two or three are thought to exist, which is no surprise as they are made from the teeth of the radiant lions that guard the pathways between the world, etched with occult runes and strung on a necklace made of dream silk and gold from the shadow realm. While the appearance of the necklace may be simple, the skill needed in creating such and symbolism of it all is immense.

When worn, the wearer feels outside the usual flow of the world and gains a +5 competence bonus to Perception and Stealth checks. The necklace guards the wearer from divine magic providing a Spell Resistance of 12 plus the higher of the wearer’s Wisdom or Charisma modifier plus twice the level of the divine spell attempting to affect them, the wearer must consciously focus to suppress this effect to be effected by helpful divine magic.

Additionally no form of divine scrying or other divine divination magic of 4th level or higher can perceive the wearer.

However, if a user of divine magic put on this necklace they must choose to either deny its abilities, in which case they gain no benefit from wearing it, or choose be cut off from their divine magic unable to cast divine spells or use divinely granted abilities for as long as they wear the necklace.

Aura strong abjuration; CL 17th Slot neck; Price 95,000; Weight – Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, mind blank, nondetection, spell resistance, limited wish; Cost 47,500

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