Nargtakil is the goblin god of magic. Chaotic Neutral. Domain(s): Knowledge, Magic, Chaos, Rune, Goblin Portfolio: Magic, Alchemy, Secrets Symbol: thirteen cricles Favored weapon: dagger


Nargtakil is an older goblin with long white hair.


Nargtakil is an ancient goblin god. He is said to have stolen some magic from both Garl Glittergold and Corellon and used it to create a unique form of goblin magic.

The Gyxrakeni The Lost MagicksEdit

At the height of the goblin empires ages ago, Nargtakil and his high clerics crafted thirteen powerful magic items. Each magic item was quite powerful on it's own, but when used together their power grew greatly. With the fall of the goblin empires the Gyxrakeni were lost.

Each Gyxrakeni is a small object. Though the object changes shape over time, so that what they look like is unknown.

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