magical beast (Scaled One)
Type magical beast (Scaled One)
Subtype Serpentfolk
Location The Astral Sea and Prime Material Plane
Languages Common, Draconic, and Supernal

Nagas are a race of intelligent snake-like creatures with widely differing abilities and alignments. They resemble giant snakes, some with humanoid heads and some with more snake-like heads, both of which have a certain amount of spell casting power. They have also been known to eat the flesh of humans, orcs, and other races. Nagas were created, along with yuan-ti, by the reptilian Creator Race, the sarrukh.

Society Edit

Most nagas worship the naga creator goddess Shekinester and her son Parrafaire, except for dark nagas, who venerate Sess'innek.

Combat Edit

Nagas favor spells over other forms of combat. Because they are almost always found in places that they have guarded for many years and know well, they can usually arrange encounters to suit their wishes.

Nagas in the Forgotten Realms Edit

Nagas of every subspecies are found across the length and breadth of Faerûn. Most favor ancient ruins of long-fallen empires as lairs. Dark nagas are most common in the Serpent Hills and the Dalelands region,whereas guardian nagas favor lost ruins along the Sword Coast and the northern shore of the Shining Sea. Spirit nagas inhabit marshes in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars and mangrove swamps on the Chultan Peninsula. Large numbers of water nagas lair in the depths of the Nagaflow and the Nagawater.

Types of naga Edit