Murghin Squeakybeard is a mountian dwarf fighter.


Power attack, Quick draw, Point blank shot, Far shot

Tactician (Archetype)

Class FeaturesEdit

Armor training


Background and concept elements 1) From a clan of dwarves that changed their main commodity into war after Mount Pyer ran out of minerals. 2) Is the oldest in the family and has fulfilled his required duties from being a guard, scout and soldier. 3) Became a mercenary because living in the mountain was not exciting from him. He is considered one of the last remaining dwarves from Mount Pyer because he was fortunate enough to leave before the dragon came. 4) Is not on good terms with other survivors from Mount Pyer because he is considered a coward for not protecting his clan and family. 5) Although the dwarves think poorly of him, Murghin continues to be a mercenary but instead of for excitement he seeks out allies that can help him kill the dragon and take back his ancestral home.

Goals 1) To slay the dragon Mastrax and redeem his name among the dwarves of Mount Pyer. 2) Make the most famed dwarven fighting clan throughout the world.

Secrets 1) In collecting contacts and allies, none of them are aware that Murghin's endgame is to take on the dragon Mastrax. 2) Murghin has surviving family members in a city on the other side of the continent living as refugee smiths.

Three people 1) Kalnor Squeakybeard, the patriach of the Squeakybeard family has brought most of the surviving family to the city with him soon after the attack by Mastrax. The entire family has now established one of the most popular smiths for their quality and dwarven craftsmanship. The dwarf is very protective of the family especially now that most of the clan has been killed by the dragon. 2) 3) Mastrax is the typical dragon that settled Mount Pyer for the wealth of the dwarves. Not much is known about him to Murghin except that he is a pretty big black dragon to have taken down so many dwarves.

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