Monto Weng is a newcomer to Erelhei-Cinlu and offered his service to House Vae as it seemed to be an up-and-coming house that might offer opportunities for advancement. As for his past, he prefers not to talk about it. In fact, he was one of the losers in a recent power struggle within House Weng in the smaller Drow city of Inrohee, and had to flee for his life. He intends to build up enough power so that he can eventually return to Inrohee and take de facto control of House Weng. However, he is in no hurry, as he's enjoying the ways of the big city and knows that it will take a long time to build up that kind of power.

Feats: point blank shot, precise shot

equipment (9k, max 1.5k / item): +1 chain shirt, 1.25k MW cold iron rapier, 0.34k brooch of shielding (protects vs magic missiles, 101 pts), 1.5k cloak of resistance +1, 1k wand of cure light wounds (UMD DC 20, 50 charges), 0.75k wand of shield (UMD DC 20, 50 charges), 0.75k armor crystal of arrow deflection, least (+2 AC vs ranged weapons), 0.5k weapon crystal of life drinking, lesser (heal 3 hp when you damage a living creature, up to 30 hp/day), 1.5k anklet of translocation (2/day teleport up to 10' as swift action), 1.4k backpack, 2 gp waterskin, 1 gp trail rations (10 days), 5 gp 2 gp

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