Dwarven meal-ale is a magical beverage created by dwarven explorers to sustain them during long journeys. A pint of the beverage can provide the full meal requirements for a dwarf (or other Medium-size humanoid) for a full day. The ale also lasts for many years without spoiling or souring. While considerably more expensive than a normal set of rations, the ale can be worthwhile for some extremely long-term expeditions where the chances of finding food on the way may be small. Dwarven Bread-ale is especially popular amongst dwarven deep-miners for this reason.

The ale is very strongly flavored and it can take a while for non-dwarves to acquire a taste for it. A cask contains 32 gallons (or 248 pints) of ale.

   D&D 3.0/3.5 Statistics:
       Spells Required - create food and water
       Creation cost (per cask) - 10,000 gp
       Purchase price (per pint) - 50 gp

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