Calishite legend tells of a long-ago vizar stricken with an incurable withering disease. Masulk the Magnificent lingered in pain for many months, setting his affairs in ordered. he commanded that upon his death, his body was to be placed on his favorite flying carpet, and sent north "to fly as the breezes take me, and be buried where it comes to earth, with no coin, but with all the magics I have won for none of my blood can be trusted with such power lest they do ill in their strivings. Let none hold back one ring or scroll, lest they suffer my secret curse, but let all be laid with me, under stone and under root, until the name of Masulk is as forgotten as it should be."

This was done. his servants followed the dead man's carpet on another and dug a tomb somewhere in the Far Forest, replanting trees and vines and shrubs to conceal it before they departed. One decided to betray the others in order to steal his dead master's wealth. But when he turned on his fellows, he was struck down by unseen magic, only to rise almost immediately as an allip that tried again vainly to slay his fellows as they trudged out of the forest. Other servants met with misadventure on the long journey home, and the tale of Masulk's curse spread.

No word of the Successful plundering of the tomb has ever arisen, and no record remains of what magics were buried with the vizar.

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