Description Loxo (singular Loxodon) are a proud, deeply spiritual folk, but do not mistake that for peaceful. While they do not relish in fighting like the minotaurs, they are still quite proficient, taking their swordmanship as much of a spiritual exercise as their meditation. There is an extreme deference to their elders, and they will all visit the graves of their loved ones at least once a year. The most major holiday on their calenders is “The Day of Death,” in which the dead are remembered, a sober event for all.

They live long lives, leading them to plod through life a little slower than many races, but their frequent reflection on death leads them sympathize well with younger races. It is important to point out that this is not a morbid behavior, but a spiritual exercise. A fair number of lox become priests, and a fair number of priest add warrior to their title. These warrior priests are the sacred keepers of the history of their race, being taught their stances and strikes with stories of their people. It has been doubted whether or not they are accurate, but comparisons with other races' records show little variance.

Loxo are gigantic people, standing about 7-8 feet tall and with strong frames. Their heads are elephantine complete with tusks and trunk, which can deftly manipulate small objects (though it is too weak to properly wield a weapon). Their gray skin is tough and resilient, a marker of the race as a whole. Many mistake them for being a bit dumb, somehow conflating slow and simple lives with slow and simple minds, but this idea could not be more wrong. Instead, lox are even a tad bit more perceptive than other races. Racial Traits

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