Lorne Acheron is a human male, Dread Necromancer and rogue.


Lorne is a tall, fairly pale man, with a very average build, one that shows a decent level of physical activity but lacks the tone of a martial-prone individual. His eyes are a dark color, and his teeth are incredibly sharp.


Lorne was born in Daggerford, and was raised as a scribe, as well as a minor magic user, offering the use of cantrips to those who would pay, and copying information down for the illiterate or simply those with no time to write for themselves. He also had a bit of an interest in old tomes, and while he didn't have the focus of a wizard, he was still interested in reading about magic.


Tomb-Tainted Soul(H), Improved Initiative(F), Weapon Finesse(RT), Spell Focus (Necromancy)(1), Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy)(3)

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