This tangled mess is the home of several otherwise rare creatures. The most significant of them are the lizardmen whose ancestors are said to have ambushed the boy whose actions gave Daggerford its name. There are also known to be a number of dinosaurs in the lizard marsh, including some nasty carnivores.

The proximity of the lizardmen to humans has increased their level of civilization to the point of using shields, clubs, darts, and javelins. While metal weapons are rare, due to their tendency to rust in the swamp, they do exist. And the lizardmen know how to use them.

Many years ago, a group of heroes entered the swamp and killed the lizardman leader known as Redeye. In recent months, however, reports have surfaced that a lich calling itself Redeye is taking control of the lizardmen once again. If this is the same creature that was reported killed many years ago, many organizations - good and evil alike - would be interested in knowing how the transformation into undeath occurred.

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