Lake Thaylambar is the largest body of fresh water within Thay’s borders. It is wide, deep, and always cold, even in the middle of summer. Its waters feed the River Thay, which flows north to empty into Lake Mulsantir. Eltabbar, the capital of Thay, sits on the southwestern shore of Lake Thaylambar. Delhumide, the original provincial capital, once looked out from the northeastern shore, but it was destroyed in Thay’s war of independence.

The fishing in Lake Thaylambar is wonderful. Large amounts of seafood from its depths find their way onto plates throughout the nation. The lake is not without dangers, though. Its depths are infested with dragon turtles that sometimes like to snack on fishing vessels. Over the years, the zulkirs have sent out hunting parties to thin their numbers, with limited success. Although these expeditions sometimes manage to find and kill dragon turtles, the hunters often become the hunted. On occasion, expeditions have been completely wiped out.

However, last year one group of hunters managed to capture a dragon turtle alive. Brazhal Kos , a powerful enchanter, devised a magic harness that enslaved the creature to his will. Kos has offered its services to Homen Odesseiron, the tharchion of Surthay. Assuming the Red Wizards can transport the creature, this would put the captive dragon turtle in Lake Mulsantir to contest Rashemi control of the lake. Brazhal Kos makes this offer expecting something in return, of course.

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