This two-story former warehouse for a trading concern caters to soldiers and adventurers.

The entire northeast wall of the taproom is covered by a huge, splendid color map of Faerûn, from Calimshan to the Spine of the World and from the Moonshaes to Raurin.

Both levels have been opened into a single, lofty room with balconies all around it at varying levels. Each balcony contains a booth for patrons and is linked to at least two other balconies by broad flights of stairs.

In the center of the taproom is a massive stone pillar bearing the weight of the ceiling that has a ladder of iron hooks up one side. The pillar is covered in battered shields, personal runes, and other adventuring mementos.

The walls of the tavern are hung with weapons,armor, banners, spitted beast heads, and similar trophies of battle brought in by various patrons.

The most striking of these is the huge, mummified wing of a black dragon. It now hangs over the tap-room like a soft black canopy, suspended from the ceiling on eight chains

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